Just the FAQs


We are pleased to accept returns for items (excluding final sale items) by contacting us within 7 days of order delivery. The returned merchandise must be in new condition, unworn, with any original tags attached and must be accompanied with a copy of the packing slip.

Customers are responsible for all additional shipping costs for returns. Crescent Down Works does not assume responsibility for reimbursement or compensation for returned packages lost in transit without proof of delivery to Crescent Down Works.

Returns are credited to the original form of payment upon receipt of merchandise after close inspection of the product. Once processed, depending on your credit card company or bank, funds are typically posted within 3-10 days.

To return merchandise, please fill out the return authorization form.

Items marked as final sale are not available for a refund or exchange.

Exchanges are simple, we offer you a full refund upon receipt of the returned order and you can repurchase the item of your choice at any time.

If the item you're looking for is out of stock please fill out the restock notification list on the product page and we will contact you when it becomes available.


After your order has shipped an automatic email will be sent including the tracking number and courier. If you are not seeing this email within 1-2 days (Mon-Fri) please check your spam folder. You can email us at info@crescentdownworks.com for an update on your shipment if you cannot find the email.

For international customers, you can often put the tracking number into your local post office’s website once the shipment has arrived in your country (such as Royal Mail- UK) and additional information will be available.

Please email us at info@crescentdownworks.com immediately if you would like to edit or cancel your order — if it hasn't shipped yet, we’d be happy to change it for you. Please include your order number in the subject line if possible.

We’re sorry to hear that! With holiday-related delays affecting most couriers, we have seen instances where the tracking will say ‘delivered’ but it will show up a day or two later. We’d recommend first checking all possible locations a package might have been left such as side/back/garage doors, checking in with neighbors, and then if it does not show up within a day or two please email us at info@crescentdownworks.com so that we can initiate a trace with the courier.

Package theft is becoming increasingly common. As we cannot replace/refund lost items due to theft we recommend having someone available to receive your package or creating an account with the UPS/USPS to reroute the delivery. If you believe you have been the victim of package theft many home insurance policies offer theft protection for lost packages and we recommend filing a police report and checking in with your insurance provider.


Standard shipping above $300 in the continental US is free and sent through either USPS or UPS. Expedited options are available and can be calculated through the ‘shipping calculator’ on the bottom of the checkout page. Signature confirmation is recommended for delivery locations without a secure dropoff available.

Signature Confirmation is recommend if you are not available at the time of pickup and is offered in the shipping options.

Shipping costs vary depending on location and can be calculated using the ‘shipping calculator’ at the bottom of the cart page. If you would like signature confirmation added to your delivery please leave a note in the ‘special instructions’ box.
Note: shipping rates do not include customs fees and/or taxes required by the importing country*. Not all shipping methods are available in all countries.

*Approximate: For the EU & Japan, 22% Tax and 12% Duties. Canada : 5% Tax, 18% Duties. UK: 20% Tax, 12% Duties. South Korea: 10%Tax, 13% Duties. Australia (over $1000 threshold) – 10% Tax, 5% Duties.

We ship orders Mon-Fri with orders placed after 12pm(PST) included in the next day’s shipment. Typically it only takes 1-2 days for fulfillment but can take up to 5 business days during the holidays or sales.

International orders require a phone number for customs to contact you when they have your package ready for delivery. If you did not provide a phone number at checkout we will contact you before shipping your order.

During the busy season, while the majority of shipments arrive without issue, domestic packages can take up to two weeks to arrive and tracking information is not being updated consistently. Please understand we do not have further insight into the inner workings of the USPS or UPS. Your patience and understanding during these times is greatly appreciated.

If it has been more than 10 days and tracking has not updated or your order has not shown up please email us at info@crescentdownworks.

Please email us at info@crescentdownworks.com immediately if you realize that you gave us the wrong shipping address — if it hasn't shipped yet, we might be able to correct it before it goes out the door.

If an order ships to the address provided and ends up being returned to us, the customer is responsible for any additional shipping costs. We will reach out to coordinate your options before re-shipping.

If your order ships to an incorrect address provided at the time the order is placed and is not retrievable, unfortunately we are not responsible and cannot offer reimbursement.

Laws vary by country, and it will depend on your country's regulations. You are responsible for paying any assessed customs fees* upon receipt. Shipping charges do not include customs/duties charges.

We cannot mark items as “gifts” or lower the product total to falsify customs information.

If you fail to pay the taxes/duties and it is returned to us, we can re-ship your package to you (you will need to pay for shipping again), or we can cancel your order and refund you minus the costs from the courier to return the package. The return cost of a refused parcel is quite substantial so please reach out to us before refusing a shipment.

*Approximate: For the EU & Japan, 22% Tax and 12% Duties. Canada : 5% Tax, 18% Duties. UK: 20% Tax, 12% Duties. South Korea: 10%Tax, 13% Duties. Australia (over $1000 threshold) – 10% Tax, 5% Duties.


Regular washing is the best way to ensure the long lasting quality of your down garment. Once or twice a year should be enough for the average wearer, though if you’re LIVING in it you might consider a few times a season. Most of our products are machine washable but make sure to check the care label on the inner side seam to make sure. (*Wool products should not be machine washed due to shrinkage). Dry cleaning is not recommended for 60/40 fabric.

• A front-loading washer is best (cold wash). We recommend using any mild detergent, however, there are detergents on the market specifically designed for washing down clothing. (see:NIKWAX)
• Tumble dry on low until completely dry. Use an agitator, like dryer balls or clean tennis balls, to help break up the clumps of down and ensure even drying/lofting. 
• If your garment looks flat when taken out of the dryer don't worry you didn't lose any down, spend some time manually fluffing it back up. Don’t be shy, this is a good time to get out some pent-up aggression. 

Our machine washable products are treated with DWR (durable water repellent), over time the treatment can begin to wear off. If you suspect that this is the case for your jacket or vest we recommend buying a DIY kit for replenishing the DWR on the product. Otherwise, there are services available do this process professionally for you, for instance, in Washington State, we have a company called Rainy-Pass- Repair that does various types of repairs and treatments for outdoor-clothing.

While it’s tempting to want to save space and squeeze your down garments into the smallest bundle you possibly can, with continued compression the down can become more resistant to re-lofting (reducing the down’s effectiveness). While many down jackets and vests come with a compression sack, it’s best to use them as a short term travel quick-fix rather than a long term storage solution. Keep your down jackets and vests balled up for as little time as possible and away from long term vacuum sealed plastic storage bags.

Best case scenario: After washing and letting them dry completely, store either on a hanger or folded loosely in a breathable cotton/canvas/mesh bag (a large cotton pillow case can do the trick). Ideally, you’ll want a storage space that is opened occasionally for regular airflow. The cool damp basement is not your friend. Try and keep them dry, away from any humidity, and make sure to never store them away wet or damp - Clothing put away wet is a recipe for mildew and rot.

When you’re ready to pull your garments back out for the next season, toss them into the dryer and tumble dry on low for 10 minutes to give them that newly fluffed up feel. A high quality down garment is a worthwhile investment, and with these few simple steps to clean and store them properly, you can keep your down warm and fluffy for years to come.

For items purchased through our website, we are happy to take repairs here at the factory and will do most of them for free as long as you take care of back and forth shipping. It generally takes 4-6 weeks to work into our schedule.

Please send along a few photos of the area(s) that need to be repaired to make sure it’s doable and we have the right thread/fabric in stock. Please contact us at info@crescentdownworks.com before sending in any repairs.

For items purchased through a retailer or 3rd party, please contact them directly.


Sale discount codes only apply during the duration of any sale and cannot be applied retroactively. Our products often sell out very quickly, especially during sales, therefore in the interest of fairness we limit the discount to the duration of the sale. Thank you for understanding.

If you purchased an item and forgot to add the code please email us within 48 hours at info@crescentdownworks.com


The best way to double check your sizing is to grab one of your shirts or jackets that fits you perfectly and compare the measurements to the size chart. It’s a pretty quick and easy process but saves on that disappointment of an incorrect fit. Each product has its own size chart with flat measurements that can be found on the product page under the description.

We are happy to accommodate a variety of body types and have XXS-XXL available in most of our styles on a special order basis. Some details on special orders:

We cannot accept special color requests at this time. Available colors are on the website. Usually takes between 6-8 weeks to work into our sewing schedule. Items are final sale, non-returnable.

If you would like to place an order or inquire about measurements please contact us at info@crescentdownworks.com OR via the contact form.


Yes! That’s such a good question and an important concern. All of the down we use here to fill our jackets and vest has been certified by the Responsible Down Standard (RSD) organization and is a bi-product of the food industry - never harvested from live animals. Part of the RSD commitment is something called the Five Freedoms which defines the standards for the humane treatment of the animals. “The welfare of an animal includes its physical and mental state and we consider that good animal welfare implies both fitness and a sense of well-being.”

Our supplier Allied Feather has some really great insight into the process showing their efforts at responsible sourcing on their website here. You can even track the down we use to see where it came from through their site which is a really great feature. You can check out that feature here.

Generally with our style of hand-made down garments there can be a bit of a wear-in period where a small amount of down can come out, typically around the seams but it can happen in other areas as well.

For a bit of background, the fabric we use is considered “down-proof” but down needs a bit of air to fully loft and so a 100% sealed garment would not allow air-flow. We typically use a mix of around 90% down and 10% feathers (Our most recent shipment was 93.8% down), but with those feathers means there’s a tiny sharp quill that can get out through the fabric or stitching. Down is incredibly fine and can work itself through any small opening so a small amount of down escaping is expected and common in any down piece (particularly in the first month or so of wearing it). For the feathers & down that do make their way through, do not pull the feather through as it may cause a hole to develop. Instead, we recommend reaching through the underside of the fabric and gently pulling it back in. Rubbing the area where the down was poking through can help massage the fabric back into place and seal up any opening.

Some styles are more prone to this than others, for example the styles with more quilt lines like the Hooded Pullover/Down Shirt. If there aren’t physical holes in the piece and it is just the down coming through, we recommend giving it a try for a full season of wear and if it’s still having this issue please let us know and we can take care of that for you.


We do not have a store open to the public at this time.

There are however several retail locations that carry our styles. You can check in with our stockists here.

Otherwise we offer free shipping and if it doesn’t end up working out for you we are happy to receive returns.

We’ve put a hold on custom requests for the foreseeable future. The closest thing we have to that right now is our Sample Series where we have monthly one-off pieces from our factory floor that we sell only to our newsletter subscribers.

For inquiries not answered in this list, please contact us via our contact form.