Regular washing is the best way to ensure the long lasting quality of your down garment. Most of our products are machine washable but make sure to check the care label on the inner side seam to make sure. (*Wool products should not be machine washed due to shrinkage)

  • A front-loading washer is best. We recommend using any mild detergent, however, there are detergents on the market specifically designed for washing down clothing. (see: NIKWAX)
  • Tumble dry on low until completely dry. Use an agitator, like dryer balls or clean tennis balls, to help break up the clumps of down and ensure even drying/lofting. 
  • If your garment looks flat when taken out of the dryer don't worry you didn't lose any down, spend some time manually fluffing it back up. Don’t be shy, this is a good time to get out some pent-up aggression. 

Our machine washable products are treated with DWR (durable water repellent), over time the treatment can begin to wear off. If you suspect that this is the case for your jacket or vest we recommend buying a DIY kit for replenishing the DWR on the product. Otherwise, they're also services available do this process professionally for you, for instance, in Washington State, we have a company called Rainy-Pass- Repair that does various types of repairs and treatments for outdoor-clothing.