Regular washing is the best way to ensure the long lasting quality of your down garment. Once or twice a year should be enough for the average wearer, though if you’re LIVING in it you might consider a few times a season. Most of our products are machine washable but make sure to check the care label on the inner side seam to make sure. (*Wool products should not be machine washed due to shrinkage). Dry cleaning is not recommended for 60/40 fabric.

  • A front-loading washer is best. We recommend using any mild detergent, however, there are detergents on the market specifically designed for washing down clothing. (see: NIKWAX)
  • Tumble dry on low until completely dry. Use an agitator, like dryer balls or clean tennis balls, to help break up the clumps of down and ensure even drying/lofting. 
  • If your garment looks flat when taken out of the dryer don't worry you didn't lose any down, spend some time manually fluffing it back up. Don’t be shy, this is a good time to get out some pent-up aggression. 

Our machine washable products are treated with DWR (durable water repellent), over time the treatment can begin to wear off. If you suspect that this is the case for your jacket or vest we recommend buying a DIY kit for replenishing the DWR on the product. Otherwise, there are services available do this process professionally for you, for instance, in Washington State, we have a company called Rainy-Pass- Repair that does various types of repairs and treatments for outdoor-clothing.



While it’s tempting to want to save space and squeeze your down garments into the smallest bundle you possibly can, with continued compression the down can become more resistant to re-lofting (reducing the down’s effectiveness). While many down jackets and vests come with a compression sack, it’s best to use them as a short term travel quick-fix rather than a long term storage solution. Keep your down jackets and vests balled up for as little time as possible and away from long term vacuum sealed plastic storage bags.

Best case scenario: After washing and letting them dry completely, store either on a hanger or folded loosely in a breathable cotton/canvas/mesh bag (a large cotton pillow case can do the trick). Ideally, you’ll want a storage space that is opened occasionally for regular airflow. The cool damp basement is not your friend. Try and keep them dry, away from any humidity, and make sure to never store them away wet or damp - Clothing put away wet is a recipe for mildew and rot.

When you’re ready to pull your garments back out for the next season, toss them into the dryer and tumble dry on low for 10 minutes to give them that newly fluffed up feel. A high quality down garment is a worthwhile investment, and with these few simple steps to clean and store them properly, you can keep your down warm and fluffy for years to come.