Classico Down Parka - Black
Classico Down Parka

The Classico Down Parka is one of the heartiest jackets we've ever made featuring approximately 14 ounces of down. The jacket reflects a classic style of Crescent Down Works styling and includes a slightly longer body, detachable hood, and square cargo pockets. The Classico is ideal for both snowy hikes and rainy commutes, making it one of our most trusted jackets for surviving the frigid winter months. 

Down Arctic Montagne Parka - Black
Down Arctic Montagne Parka
The Arctic Montagne Parka offers the warmth of a down puffer in a slim silhouette of a rain jacket. An integral hood and durable Raymar shell will keep you dry while a quilted down liner provides perfect insulation.
Down Italian Vest - Black
Down Italian Vest
The Italian Vest is THAT vest. That throw on over a tee shirt to take out the trash vest; that wallet/keys/phone always in the pocket vest; that ball up and use as a pillow on the plane vest. Less a statement more a standard, the Italian Vest will be your constant companion.
Down Shirt - Navy
Down Shirt
The Down Shirt is a slimmer garment coming at approximately 5.5 ounces of 700 fill down. The narrow fit makes it a great middle layering piece for colder climates, while still being more than adequate as an outer layer for mild climates.
Down Sweater - Black
Down Sweater
The Down Sweater is your beloved basic. The parka that makes your frigid commute 100 times better.  For over two generations, this classic puffer style has kept countless families enjoying the outdoors in the colder months. It’s exactly the same as your dad’s old parka, only new and waiting to be filled with the smell of campfire coffee and wood smoke. 
Hooded Pullover - Brown
Hooded Pullover
The Hooded Pullover is an immersive goose-down experience. Loved for its protection from wind and rain, this pullover is suited extremely versatile conditions. We outfitted the jacket with a monochrome Ripstop shell/lining.  The integral hood, classic design, and packability make it reliable everyday top-layer.
Hooded Sweatshirt - Tan & Rust
Hooded Sweatshirt

The Hooded Sweatshirt is our best light jacket, a perfect top layer for cold commutes and weekend yard chores. A durable and washable 60/40 cotton nylon shell keeps the rain at bay and the hood and waist drawstrings hold in the warmth. Special style points include a double zipper, down filled pockets, and an integral hood.

North by Northwest Vest - Navy 60/40
North by Northwest Vest

Our original down vest. The North By Northwest vest’s simple style and easy comfort remind us of snowy spring hikes and coastal excursions. Wear as a warm layer under a ski jacket or a top piece over a sweatshirt. Offered on our web-shop in water resistant 60/40 with a super soft nylon lining. The vest features a double zipper, deep down-filled pockets, and a down filled collar.

Reversible North by Northwest Fall Exclusive
For this fall, we wanted to use our original style for our exclusive, the North By Northwest. We paired corduroy with our classic 60/40 and thought, "Hey, why not make it reversible." The vest features a special reverse zipper, down-filled pockets on each fabric side, and a CDW logo patch for when you decide to wear the 60/40 as a shell.